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Pros: Very helpful Business Solution tools for FREE.
Cons: Nothing.
URL: http://www.myreviewreporter.com

myreviewreporter.com is a website which offers Small Business Marketing Solution tools to help improve and support small businesses.
In the current weak economy, all businesses are facing challenges and looking for help either to survive or to grow. myreviewreporter.com has studied the current economy and concluded four main factors affecting current small businesses:
(1)Current weak and slow recovering economy.
(2)Cut throat business competitions for survival. More spending to attract customers, which lead to shrinking profit margin.
(3)Constantly increasing overheads with shrinking profit margin.
(4)Customers exposed to more choices, resulting in shrinking customer pool constantly, affecting businesses adversely.
myreviewreporter.com has developed Business Solution tools to help businesses replenish their shrinking customer pool for FREE! myreviewreporter.com is determined to help businesses and bring the lost smile back on the faces of the business owners.
myreviewreporter.com is the only website offering help survive and grow businesses for free and supports the economy's growth.
Since the economy is built and supported by small, medium and big sized businesses, it cannot grow without the survival and growth of businesses.
In order for businesses to use Business Solutions tools developed by myreviewreporter.com, the business owners and managers need to create a business account with myreviewreporter.com.
To create a business account with myreviewreporter.com, click on the ‘BUSINESS SOLUTIONS’ button on the home page of myreviewreporter.com, click on ‘Register to Business account’, fill out all the required fields, agree to the terms and conditions of myreviewreporter.com and click on ‘SUBMIT’ button. Once your business account is created, most of your work is done. Create your Business Page for FREE. Create your Business Special offer under Event Management of the Dashboard and let your customers spread the word out for your business!
Unlike running very expensive advertisements either on TV or on popular websites, myreviewreporter.com uses a totally different but proven ‘Word of Mouth’ technology to help businesses and it is completely FREE!
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By: Ang | 4 years, 7 months, 6 days, 14 hours, 22 minutes ago
This sounds like a fantastic idea. If a local business is registered will I be able to find stores and services I need in one spot with reviews from users? It would be just like asking your neighbors for good leads!